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Mariposa Town & Museum Tour

Mariposa, California, is a small town located in the western Sierra Nevada foothills. Known as the "Mother of all Counties" it has a rich history and serves as a gateway to the world-famous Yosemite National Park. With a population of around 1,300 residents, Mariposa is known for its charming, small-town atmosphere and natural beauty. The town was established during the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s.

downtown historic Mariposa

Our Mariposa Town and Museum Tour starts out with an e-biking adventure through the well-maintained historic downtown area, which features various shops, restaurants, and historic buildings.

Book a special guided tour during Mariposa events and festivals, such as the Mariposa Butterfly Festival and the Mariposa County Fair.  Or explore the region's fascinating history by visiting a local museum, such as the Yosemite Climbing Museum and the Mariposa Museum & History Center.

Mariposa's historic courthouse

Mariposa Town & Museum Tour

Call us to create your custom private e-biking tour in historic Mariposa. Adventure through the downtown area and explore local museums. 

Snacks, beverages, shoes, and safety helmets are provided. 

Cover up to 20 miles up and 2,000 ft. of elevation.

$175 / per person
Minimum 2 People
Max 7
 Adults, 2 Children


Please complete the form to apply for a position with us.

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