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Two Weeks, Nearly 210 Miles, and Countless Memories

Mariposa and the Sierra Foothills, with their undulating terrains and scenic panoramas, are a treasure trove for those who yearn for nature-infused adventures. The charm of these landscapes gets even more enchanting when explored on an e-bike. From September 11th to September 24th, I hosted several tours and rode 210 miles, scaling more than 25,000 feet. While the rides themselves were filled with their share of thrill and exhilaration, the elated feedback from my clients was the cherry on top.

From September 11th to 17th, I rode 117 miles and climbed 15,000 feet. The subsequent week was 92 miles and 12,600 vertical. Each day brought unique surprises, beautiful vistas, and the gratifying experience of introducing adventurers to the allure of Mariposa and the Sierra Foothills.

Instead of just listening to my tales, let's hear what some of our recent adventurers had to say:

DeAndra Easter wrote after her tour, "This was my new wife and I’s first adventure on our honeymoon and it could NOT have been any cooler!... Chris, thank you for a LIFE-CHANGING ride!"

Erik Nauta, another client, echoed a similar sentiment. He said, "We had more than a magnificent time doing this tour... After my holiday I could say that this was my best day of our trip..."

Peter Harrison shared his experience, stating, "A really great half day with Chris. A lovely guy that loves nature and his surroundings... Awesome eBikes meaning we covered over 17 miles in 4 hours hardly breaking a sweat." E-bikes, with their electric assist, provide a unique advantage. They allow riders to cover more ground with less effort, ensuring that the adventure remains exhilarating without becoming too exhaustive.

Mohammad Abazeed succinctly put it, "Thank you Chris for the fun day we had. Worth the full day if you're in the area. Very rewarding views and Chris's company is pleasant." Indeed, the journey is as much about the vistas as it is about the camaraderie between the guide and the travelers.

Lastly, Albert Torres. "Chris had everything ready and he tailor-made the excursion for me... It was one of the highlights of my week in Mariposa/Yosemite."

From the newlyweds screaming "WOOOOOOO!" at every turn to seasoned travelers recognizing the unique beauty that the e-bike tour offers, the feedback has been nothing short of spectacular.

If you're planning a visit to Mariposa or Yosemite, consider adding an e-bike tour to your itinerary. It's more than just a ride – it's a journey through nature, an adventure filled with challenges and rewards, and most importantly, an experience that promises memories to last a lifetime.

After all, in the heart of the Sierra foothills, every twist and turn on an e-bike brings a new story, a new sight, and a fresh wave of awe. Come join the adventure and create your own stories amidst the majestic beauty of Mariposa.

Happy E-biking!



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