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Adventurers e-biking in historic Mariposa, ready to explore gold panning sites near Yosemite National Park.

E-Biking & Gold Panning Adventure Tour

Close-up of gold panning in action during the Yosemite E-Biking adventure, a nod to Mariposa's gold rush heritage.

E-Biking & Gold Panning Adventure Tour

Call us to create your custom private tour including

e-biking and an expert guided gold panning adventure. 

Snacks, beverages, safety helmets, and gold panning equipment  are provided. 

Cover up to 20 miles up and 2,000 ft. of elevation.

$275 / per person
Minimum 2 People
Max 7
 Adults, 2 Children


Experience the Thrill of Discovery in Mariposa County

Embark on a full-day guided adventure that combines the modern thrill of e-biking with the timeless allure of gold panning. Yosemite E-Biking invites you to traverse the picturesque landscapes of Mariposa County, covering up to 20 miles and ascending 2,000 feet, where history and adventure meet.

Why Our E-Biking & Gold Panning Tour Is Unmatched:

  • Customized E-Bikes: Enjoy a ride tailored for comfort and control, making it accessible for riders of all levels to explore the foothills' beauty.

  • Historical Gold Panning: Led by Ira Estin, a guide with a profound understanding of the region's gold rush history, you'll step back in time to pan for gold, experiencing the excitement of the early prospectors.

  • Captivating Stories: Ira's passion for history brings to life the tales of fortune seekers who once roamed these lands, offering a deeper connection to your gold-panning adventure.

  • All-Inclusive: We provide snacks, beverages, safety helmets, and all necessary gold panning equipment, ensuring you're well-equipped for your journey.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: 5-7 hours of exploration and discovery.



  • $275 per person, with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 7 adults and 2 children.

  • Inclusions: Snacks, beverages, safety helmets, gloves, and gold panning equipment.

Embark on Your Adventure

Ready to uncover the secrets of Mariposa's gold rush era while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Sierra Foothills on an e-bike? Book your E-Biking & Gold Panning Adventure Tour today and dive into a day of exploration and discovery. For more details or to customize your tour, contact us. Let's create an unforgettable experience together.

The guide enjoying gold panning on the Yosemite E-Biking adventure tour, discovering the rich history of Mariposa's gold rush era.

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