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Half Day Guided E-Biking Tour

Embark on a thrilling half-day e-biking journey through the awe-inspiring Sierra Foothills, a stone's throw from Yosemite National Park.  Our half-day e-bike tour covers up to 20 miles of picturesque terrain and takes you up to 2,000 feet in elevation. With the assistance of our top-notch electric bikes, you'll breeze through the foothills, enjoying the scenic landscapes along the way. The e-bikes are customized for your comfort and control, making the ride a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

As we navigate through the tour, we'll pause at several awe-inspiring locations, each offering a unique vantage point to soak in the breathtaking vistas. Don't forget to bring your camera! You'll want to capture the natural beauty and cherish these moments forever. Safety is our utmost priority, and we provide all the necessary gear to ensure you have a secure ride. 

E-biking in up Telegraph Hill, Midpines, Califonia

To keep you energized throughout the adventure, we offer a selection of snacks and beverages.  The duration of the half-day e-bike tour is approximately 3 to 4 hours, offering the perfect balance of adventure and leisure.


From seasoned e-bikers to those hopping on for the first time, our tour is designed to accommodate adventurers of all skill levels, making it a fantastic activity for families, friends, or group adventurers seeking an unforgettable day in Mariposa County.

Happy e-bikers enjoying a lovely tour.

Half Day Guided E-Biking Tour

Call us to create your custom private expert-guided electric bike tour.

Snacks, beverages, shoes, gloves, and safety helmets are provided. 

Cover up to 20 miles up and 2,000 ft. of elevation.

$150 / per person
Minimum 2 People
Max 7
 Adults, 2 Children


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