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What They’re Saying

Climbing at the Yosemite Boulder Farm

"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so so much for introducing me to Chris. I had one of the absolute best days of my life out there with him and it wouldn't have been possible without you! Seriously, Thank you so much!

Jen Z.

“Chris was a fantastic guide, knew the Sierra Foothills very well, and accommodated our needs. Most importantly, Chris told us many stories about the climbing community and seemed very knowledgeable about the topic, which my family absolutely loved."

Mario Escamilla

Happy customers e-biking in the Sierra foothills
Climbing at the Yosemite Boulder is perfect for people of all ages and levels
Thanks Chris, so much fun! Had to peel the little one off the rock, he just didn't want to stop, the perfect transformation, from tears to no fears."

Dean P.

"We all really appreciate you showing us such a good time, the valley is amazing and you made us feel like we were a part of it all. We're psyched to start making the transition to climbing outside ASAP."

Travis T.

Climbing with friends and my dog Fenster near the Yosemite Boulder Farm
Gold panning expert Ira Estin
"That ride yesterday was awesome. Thanks so much. Jacqui got a good laugh seeing me on a bike."

Bart B.

"Oh my God! I had the absolute riot of my life!!! Thank you for introducing me to my future and for being amazing and patient!

Jen Znack

Co-guide Genny e-biking in Midpines, California
Sunset bouldering at the Yosemite  Boulder Farm
"That was a blast (again) thanks for showing me the best spots and challenging me too. Exited for the next one!"

Keith E.

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