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Unforgettable Testimonials: Our guests' experiences speak volumes about
the adventures that await at Yosemite E-biking:

Riding in the Sierra foothills


Unforgettable Testimonials: Our guests' experiences speak volumes about the adventures that await at Yosemite E-biking:

  • "This was my new wife and I’s first adventure on our honeymoon and it could NOT have been any cooler! This ride was challenging, fun, and breathtaking." - DeAndra Aguilar

  • "Chris, had everything ready and he tailor-made the excursion for me and it was just what I wanted. The area is so beautiful and the views spectacular." - Albert Torres

  • "Our e Bike experience with Chris was awesome! He took the time to make us feel safe and comfortable and thoroughly enjoy our day." - Rolo Espe

  • "What an extraordinary experience! Our family had a wonderful E-biking trip with Chris and it was so much more than we expected." - Skye Bird

  • "Booking was a breeze – super easy and no fuss. Chris, our guide, is not just awesome but a real pro at showing beginners the e-bike ropes." - Mario Torres


  • "Chris was an amazing knowledgeable guide. You will not be disappointed at all. He really takes the time to understand exactly what you want to do and then tailors your excursion to that." - Bob Manino

  • "We had more than a magnificent time doing this tour. Chris is great to have as your tour guide. All was prepared at the smallest detail and he showed us some really great spots." - Erik Nauta

  • "We felt we were always safe with Chris. He was very attentive and always had our best interest. When we arrived we felt like we were already friends." - Jerry Kasper

  • "My e-bike mountain bike tour of Mariposa, CA, led by Chris, was an absolute thrill! The adventure began with challenging climbs on some stunning trails that rewarded us with breathtaking views extending all the way to Yosemite Valley." - Shaun Keenan

  • "A really great half day with Chris. A lovely guy that loves nature and his surroundings - it was an honour that he shared his passion with us." - Peter Harrison

  • "This eBike adventure was the most exciting day of our 2-week vacation. Chris was very kind and patient with me and my beginner biking skills." - Michelle Bell

Yosemite E-biking is not just about exploring the majestic landscapes of Yosemite; it's about creating stories, forging connections, and experiencing the thrill of adventure in an eco-friendly manner. Our tailored adventures, expert guidance, and commitment to sustainability make us the premier choice for those seeking to explore Yosemite in a unique and memorable way.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that's as unique as you are? Visit us at Yosemite E-biking and let us turn your dream of an unforgettable Yosemite adventure into reality.

A fall ride with Yosemite E-biking
E-biking in Mariposa is fun!
Smiles all around with Yosemite E-biking clients
Yosemite E-biking is perfect for couples
Families, friends, couples -- riding with yosemite e-biking is a blast
Riding with Yosemite E-biking is perfect for families
Everyone loves riding with Yosemite E-biking in Mariposa
Yosemite E-biking is perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, etc.

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