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A Day of Adventure with Yosemite E-Biking

Experience a fantastic day with Yosemite E-biking. Nestled in the Sierra foothills, we offer adventures beyond mere e-riding under the sun. Our half-day outings might be the introduction many crave: gliding effortlessly for about 20 miles, culminating in a summit that gifts views deep into the heart of Yosemite.

But, if you're in for the long haul, our full-day adventures promise a multi-sport experience that's hard to match.

Double the Fun with Dual Rides

Why settle for one thrilling ride when you can double the fun? Many of our guests opt for back-to-back e-biking sessions. The answer to what's better than one ride? Two, of course!

Mixing E-Biking with Other Adventures

For those wanting a more diverse day, pair e-biking with rock climbing or perhaps the nostalgia of gold panning. If you're looking for a calming juxtaposition, e-biking followed by a rejuvenating yoga session is just the ticket. We're proud to collaborate with Balanced Rock for these holistic experiences.

Climbing for All Ages in Mariposa

Our climbing outings, designed to be family-friendly, take place in the picturesque locales of either Mt. Bullion or Yosemite Boulder Farm (subject to availability). Whether you're a newbie or seasoned climber, we equip you with everything from helmets and harnesses to climbing shoes tailored to various sizes. My deep-rooted expertise ensures you're in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Gold Panning with the Expert

The gold panning adventure, just beyond the Midpines Summit, is shepherded by the seasoned local, Ira Estin. I owe my hiking guide prowess to Ira, who, decades ago, instilled in me the spirit of hiking guiding in Yosemite. Now, he takes our guests on a historical journey to the California gold rush of 1849. Imagine this: after an exhilarating e-bike ride, you're knee-deep in history, trying your luck at unearthing gold out of the water. Just this past summer, a college grad struck gold on his very first try under Ira's guidance. Everyone loved it!

To put it simply, our full-day outings aren't just about biking and climbing or gold panning; they're about forging experiences and making memories. So, gear up and join us for a day of adventure you won’t forget.


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